Dog Training Reward Treats

Dog Training Reward Treats

Last Updated on 02/28/2023 by K9 Oil Supplements

Dog training reward treats and food are extremely useful when training a dog, but it’s important to place a high value on it.

Dog training reward treats and food are unmatched for classical dog training and is useful as a reward until it becomes a bribe or an expectation. There is a line that can be crossed and that line is crossed, it is nearly impossible to return to the proper side of that line without your dog becoming upset.

We know its hard. Our dogs little faces are so cute, they are so sweet, and they are all little Angels from Heaven. How can we not just give in!

This is exactly, when we need to remember why we are training them in the first place. For most, we want to at least train them for safety reasons. For example, we assessed an urgent need for them to come back to us and they need to come immediately. So one way to get past that cute face is to remember that. They need to respond to basic commands for safety reasons. They need to trust that you are in charge. If they do nut trust that you are in charge, then they will feel that they have to be.

If we are not careful, dog training reward treats can become a bribe. When that happens, we have changed the dog training reward treats ability to influence your dog’s behavior for the better.

Over time, there will be little to no value on dog training reward treats. Your training will gradually deteriorate and your dog will begin to ignore you and your “reward”. During that worst case scenario when the urgent threat (that you assessed) presented itself and you demanded that they come to you – they may not come to you at all.

Since dog training reward treats and foods are irreplaceable for classical conditioning, it is critical to not abuse them, nor allow their “power” to be lost. Think about it. What is your next option if dog training reward treats lose their value?

Food allows us to bond with our dog. For them, it forms positive associations with all kinds of things: other people, other dogs, other animals, noises, objects, different environments and more. Dog training reward treats and food rewards are a lifelong conditioning item that we can use daily. 

We could go on and on about what to do next. But the goal was simply to get you to understand the critical value of dog training reward treats and to use them sparingly. If you need professional assistance to train your dog properly, please do so immediately. Again, at a minimum, it is for their safety.

For dog training reward treats, we recommend real meat air dried food. They use high quality meats and a gentle drying process (not a high heat process) to deliver premium products at an affordable price. It is a bit expensive, but remember, you are supposed to be rewarding sparingly. For example, we bought a ten pound bag 5 years ago and just had to purchase another one.

Real meat, air dried dog food as dog training reward treats are not only extremely delicious to your dog, they are the perfect healthy option with a very high reward value. Sure, dogs will eat most anything, but dog training reward treats should not come at a cost to their health. Air-dried dog & cat foods from natural limited ingredients are similar to beef jerky for humans, just in tiny bite sizes. Dog training reward treats should be made from free-range grass-fed beef, lamb, venison, cage-free turkey, chicken and the like. If you only feed your dog high heat processed pet foods, they are potentially hurting for proper nutrients.

See our easy to use pet food topper spray to help offset diet nutrition issues and more.

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