Pet Supplements For 30 Cents A Day

30 cents a day

Pet Supplements for 30 cents a day! When talking to modern Veterinarians about Dog and Cat Supplements, the conversation will often begin discussing diet. Some Vets may even explain that pet nutrition issues exist because processed pet food is manufactured at very high temperatures. 

Ultimately, omega-3 fatty acids are sensitive to heat and light which means that essentially, by the time processed dog or cat food is packaged, the omega 3’s are basically chemically inactive.

Some Veterinarians will further recommend to include as much whole and organic food in your dogs’ diet as possible. It’s also understood that it can be difficult to eat healthy at all times.

As humans, we are not always able get the essential nutrients we need either. As much as we try, we often have to make unhealthy choices that result in potential bodily function issues. That’s why most people use supplements. As the author of this post, I use 4 supplements daily. They help with all kinds of things and helps to eliminate the need for prescription medications. And they certainly cost more than 30 cents a day.

Extend the same care to your pets!

When it comes to our dogs and cats, most pet parents would say that their dogs and cats eat better than the humans do! At the least, we hope that is factually and nutritionally correct. Most pet parents do not have the luxury of consulting with Chemists, Veterinarians, Pet Nutritionists and the like on a daily basis like we do. So we hope everyone is doing their research!

While many dogs and cats live healthy lives by consuming proper and biologically appropriate diets, there is still a potential risk when it comes to complete nutrition. It’s because of that risk that dog and cat parents have added supplements to their dog and cat diets.

Many pet parents have reported that supplements have improved the overall health of their aging senior dogs. Some have reported better overall health for pets of all ages. Some pet parents have done all the research and start supplementing their pets diet early (before problems arise).

Ultimately, a goal for all pet parents should be to prevent common pet health problems caused by poor nutrition. All pet parents should be aware of pet health issues that historically arise later in their pets life. Yes, there are genetic issues based on breeds and other historical and hereditary pet health issues that you can plan ahead for.

Unfortunately, some pet parents use supplements to urgently react to issues as they present themselves, but then stop using supplements once the problem is gone.

If you are not sure how well your pet food is workingthe proof is in the poop.

One of the most common concerns is the cost and ease of use.

We know that you love your pets and they are part of the family. We also know that costs are never a real concern if there is true value in a product. We know there is not much in life that you can do with just 30 cents a day as well.

Our supplements are highly concentrated and that means a little goes a long way. One bottle may last 30 to 60 days or more depending on your dogs size.

Let’s say Fido weighs 70 pounds and you purchased our dog supplement in drops (sublingual use / administer under the tongue) for $30.

K9 Oil Supplements Pet Tonic Supplement Drops

Based on the most active dog in great health, with a proper diet and is less than 3 years old, we are going to recommend approximately three (3) drops per meal (2 meals per day).

Since that product is 30 milliliters (ML) by volume, and a full pipette (glass tube under the cap) has the maximum capacity of one milliliter; this means that there are approximately 20 drops in one milliliter.

The total amount of drops in our 30ML size is approximately 600 drops!

In the above example, Fido only needs a total of 6 drops (3 drops per meal, twice daily) per day which means that $30 bottle has the potential to last 100 days. On a monthly basis that means just 30 cents a day to supplement Fido’s nutrition! In this exact case, one bottle is a 3 month supply!

Lets say that you purchased our easy to use pet food topper supplement spray for $40.

K9 Oil Supplements Pet Food Topper Spray

It’s basically $10 more and twice the size. While the dropper version should be administered sublingually (under the tongue), the spray form is intended to simply spray on meals. While the size is larger (60ML total volume), the formulation is intentionally different.

There are approximately 240 sprays per bottle.

In keeping with the Fido example above, Fido needs a total of 4 sprays (2 sprays per meal, twice daily) per day. This means that the $40 bottle has the potential to last for 60 days! On a monthly basis that means just 66 cents a day to supplement Fido’s nutrition! In this exact case, one bottle is a 2 month supply!

For cats, the only recommendation is the pet food topper spray supplement. We do not recommend the drops as they do not appreciate that process. Most cats only need 4 sprays (2 sprays per meal, twice daily) per day.

Of course, these measurements depend on the age, size, overall health condition, diet and more.

Pet Supplements For Dogs And Cats From Kos Tonics
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